The 13 people who started the Redeemed Christian Church of God


It is a know fact that Pa Josiah Akindayomi was that founder of the popular Redeemed Christian Church of God and everyone agreed to the fact that the church is the largest Pentecostal church in the world. Funny enough this church was started by just 13 men.

As reported, Pa Akindayomi left Ondo town and engaged on a trek to Ile-Ife without having any idea that his purpose is to become a prophet. When he got to Ile-Ife, he turned to a Prophet of Cherubim and Seraphim Church and got promoted to the post of Apostle.

In 1947, Pa Akindayomi left Ile-Ife for Lagos and he began to worship at a church known as Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Ebute-Meta .

While worshipping at the church, he started a fellowship where people meet to pray daily at Willoughby street, Ebute-Meta, Lagos. The fellowship was named in 1948 as “Egbe ogo oluwa” which translates as “Aociety for God’s glory”.

Nine people started the fellowship with Pa Akindayomi and with powerful miracles through the hand of God in Pa Akindayomi’a life, the fellowship increased and gained popularity. When the fellowship began to increase Pa Akindayomi moved the location of the fellowship to his private apartment and effort of the C&S leader to get the fellowship under the authority of the church was fruitless. Later, Pa Akindayomi was removed officially from the C&S church in 1952 for going against the rules of the church.

This fellowship turned to the foundation in which the Redeemed Christian Church of God was built. The thirteen men that started the Redeemed Christian Church of God were; Josiah Akindayomi, J.A Fakunmoju Makun (first Pastor of the church), J.A adekoya , S.k padonu, S.A Olonode , Fadioea, Ilenusi, Okuwobi, Fetuga, Adefoso, G.A Adefunwa and Matiluko.

After their removal from C&S church, they continued their fellowship at number 9 Willoughby street, Ebute-Meta, Lagos. Later, the fellowship was named the Apostolic Faith of South Africa then to Apostolic Faith Mission of West Africa.

With all these tribulations, the foundation of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was laid when Pa Akindayomi had a life changing encounter with God . The name of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was gotten from a trance and it was penned down by Olanode because Pa Akindayomi was not educated.

The church began to grow in might and Pastor Enoch Adeboye joined in1973 as a translator of Yoruba to English for the church founder. In 1975, Pastor Adeboye was installed as a Pastor and he turned to the General Overseer In 1981.

Now, RCCG has increased from forty parishes that Pastor Adeboye met to thirty-two thousand parishes in Nigeria and branches in over one hundred and eighty countries.



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