By Kenny Mogbo

Relationship pills
I made him married another woman.

1. Boy-friend
This is that spirit that will keep scaring away
serious and well-meaning suitors because they’ll be thinking that the boyfriend that
always hangs around you actually wanted to
marry you.

To cast out this spirit, you don’t need to pray
about it. Just quit the

2. Hard to get
This is that spirit that tells you not to accept
a marriage proposal in a hurry so that the
brother will not think you were too cheap or
desperate. It tells you to tell him to give you
six months to pray, don’t always pick his
calls, behave as if you are not interested
even though you are dying on the inside and truly love the brother. This spirit is truly from
your village people, the day it will release you is that day the brother would have agreed to
marry another and you’ll be the one to start calling him and his number will say…. _Thank you for using MTN.

To cast out this spirit, just be real. If you
love the brother and you perceive he is God’s will for you, just accept the proposal and move on with your marriage!

3. Engagement ring
This is that spirit that makes you keep
raising your finger to show the world that
one young man that is still serving the
master engaged you and when the serious
suitors see the ring, they’ll pass over you
because something in them tells them you
have been engaged. To cast out this spirit,
you don’t need prayers, just remove that keyholder in your finger.

4. Proud spirit
That spirit that tells you to always run home after service so that no brother will talk to you, maybe he’ll meet you in the dream.

Before the brother would prepare what to
say, you have gone home to study Malachi. That spirit that tells you that every brother
that greets you has an evil intention, so
don’t answer them.

That spirit that doesn’t
allow you to greet brothers except those that ride cheap and exotic cars. That spirit that
tells you to be walking fast every time as if
something is pursuing you from the back.
Well, I don’t know how you can cast out this
spirit o, but I think humility and being
moderate might help.

*5. Denominational/tribal spirit
I am a Catholic and must marry a Catholic. Your villagers are really at work. I am a Presbyterian and must marry a Presbyterian. Okay nah!

I’m a Deeper Lifer and must marry one whose life is also
Deep. I am a Chosen and must marry from
Chosen because others were rejected.
I am an Anglican and must marry an Anglican even if God is leading me to do otherwise. I am from Hausa tribe and must marry from my tribe. I’m from Imo state and must not marry from Abia.

This spirit has kept many bound, they
entered menopause and are about to retire to village. To cast out this spirit of delay, understand that every believer is from one tribe called Christ. If God is leading you to another denomination, kindly obey Him, but let it be God.


6. Dirtiness
That spirit that tells you not to dress well
because you are going to heaven. It tells you
to use tarpaulin to sew your dress, wear
green skirt, yellow blouse and lemon head tie. When brothers see you, their nightmare
will increase and they will go for personal
deliverance. You are a lady but dresses like
a man; you don’t brush your tongue, when
you talk the heaven closes and the earth

This spirit can only be cast out by
understanding that cleanliness is next to
godliness. Dress well, don’t under dress and
don’t over dress. Dress modestly, smell good because it’s not sin. Smell like a living being and not a dead being. Jesus appreciated the
woman that broke the oil that smells good
and truly He enjoyed the fragrance. So which
Jesus did you actually accept that abhors

May you be delivered today and soon your table shall be set for the better years ahead in Jesus name. Amen

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