Nigeria (TIV) Man Running For Governor In USA


Nigeria To The World”: Meet 34 Year Old Nigeria (TIV) Man Who is Running For The Seat of Governor In USA

“Governor in America”: Meet 34-Year-Old Nigerian Who is Contesting For Governor In USA.

The youth the say is the leaders of tomorrow and it seems the case is not the same in this country where the youths cannot even win a local government election. The youths are not given the platform and the support needed to ascend the leadership position in our society.

However, our youths seem not to be bothered in taking over leadership in the country as they still struggling to make their end means as a result of hardships in the country. But in other developed countries, a young boy or girl of requires age and ascend leadership position and gain all the supports needed to actualize his dreams.

In this article, we will look into the profile of the Nigerian man who is running for the position of Governor in the United States of America.

Austin Chenge:
Austin Chenge is native of Benue State in Nigeria. He recently declared his interest to run for the position of Michigan Governor in the United States of America come 2022

Austin Chenge is contesting on the platform of the Republican party. He is challenging U.S Rep Member, Lamar Smith for the ticket of the Republican party.

He declared his intention to contest for the Governorship position of Michigan in March 3030, 2020, becoming the first Republican to declare an interest.

Austin is a learned man and man full of vision and positivity of bringing change to the people of Michigan. He is a studied law at the University of Birmingham England.

Austin has been serving in the United States Military as a specialist since 2018.

Austin is a decorated Army with Achievement Medal as Distinguished Honor Graduate with a Cumulative Great Point Average (CGPA) of 99.8% and for exceptional performance while on Active duty.

Austin has taken a big step to attaining greatness and we pray he succeeds in his Governorship ambition and make us proud.

Do you think he can win the Michigan Governorship race come 2022?.

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