Corona Virus dies in Ibadan


Suspected Corona Virus cases reported in Ibadan, Oyo state.

ViktorsUpdates.Mar 20, 2020.
Reports of the outburst of CoronaVirus across Lagos State and few part of Nigeria, has made Ibadan people scared in going about their normal as cases of COVID-19 have been suspected.

The state Government of Ekiti released a report following the death of the American Immigrant who died in the state. His driver who drove him was said to be tested positive of CoronaVirus while his caregiver was said to be negative while the results of the deceased is said to be inconclusive till date.

The Covid-19 carrier that were tested said to have only spend less than 72 hours in Ekiti before the death of the American.

They were said to have spent weeks in the city of Ibadan, Oyo state before heading to Ekiti. The driver who is the carrier of the covid-19 has been quarantined and the caregiver who barely escape the corona virus has been self Isolated and is to be retested.

Reports have shown that the SA for Culture and Tourism, Taye currently arrived Ibadan from the UK and wasn’t Isolated or tested. He was said to be present in the PDP rally which took place in Ibadan.

Nigerians are hereby advised to keep safe… Avoid large gathering… Wash their hands with alcohol base sanitizer ,Cough and sneeze with mouth covered
Make use mask and self Isolate themselves if any symptoms of this virus is observed.


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