Avoid Taking Drug To Boost Your Performance On Bed


Avoid Taking Drugs To Boost Your Performance On Bed, Learn From The Ugly And Sad Stories Of These Men

These days, people tend to take drugs and alcohol beverages to foster their performance on marital bed, just to prove how strong and skillful they are. The most painful thing is that guys now abuse drugs like tramadol and cocaine to impress girls on bed so that ladies Will not tag them weak.

But what they don’t know that any hard drugs taken into the body has a negative effect on the body immunity and structure, even if it’s not showing now, it will come to a point where the symptoms will be clear and everyone will know you are vulnerable to any disease/infection.

If you’re one of such people, let the ugly story of these men be a eye opener to you.

1) Barr. Eric Igbinedion

Barr. Eric Igbinedion

Until his death, Eric Igbinedion was a popular lawyer and a knight in his church. According to sources, he died from drug abuse when he took pills to boost his performance on bed with a commercial sex work identified as precious who hails from Akwa ibom state.


2) Paul Okwudili

Paul Okwudili

According to report, Paul Okwudili was found dead on top of a lady, a mother of 3in anambra state. According to the police, they were no mark of violence on his body. however, hard drugs were found in the hotel room where he slept with her.from all Indications, he took to drugs to boost his performance on bed with a prostitute.


3) Archibong Edet

Archibong Edet

Until his death, Archibong Edet was a controversial flim maker and producer. According to police reports, Edet was discovered dead in a popular hotel in Lagos after he reportedly took hard drugs to foster his conjugal desire.



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